Life needs music! The world needs you and me!


Unlike other fast-moving consumer goods in life, the piano cannot be replaced and upgraded frequently, so it is very important for durability!


If you like to play the piano, whether you are an amateur or a professional, you will have a higher pursuit of its feel and tone!


Toyo Piano (Huzhou) Co., Ltd. is located in China, the world's most concentrated and leading manufacturing industry. We have been engaged in piano manufacturing and global piano trade for 20 years. "Made in China" has become famous all over the world!


"Advanced technology", "strict quality inspection", "reasonable price" and "customer first service spirit" are the mottos of our factory. Our pianos can be used by users all over the world with confidence.

We are committed to enable users peace of mind with our piano.

In addition, we have our own cooperative factory in Japan, and we can also provide pianos from the country of origin in Japan to meet the needs of different customers around the world.


We provide you with the sales of finished pianos and the production of OEM orders. Our piano quality can be the same as other major brands in the world, but our prices are much cheaper than them. While bringing you new business opportunities, we also create greater profits for our partners!